One Word: LAME

Some of you may wonder why I haven’t written a damn word about last week’s news that the New York City Opera and Gerard Mortier canceled their wedding.

Basically, I find it depressing. I don’t even want to write about this. The New York City Opera is said to be “the people’s” opera. And the people just got screwed.

Mr. Mortier will go find his next gig. Fine. But with him go his two commissions: Charles Wuorinen’s Brokeback Mountain and Philip Glass’s Walt Disney bio opera. Whether you thought these would actually be great opera’s or not is beside the point. For a city that brags about being the cultural center of the world, these kinds of losses are a serious rebuttal.

What’s more disturbing is that no one knows WTF is going to happen to the company; not even La Cieca. It could just implode, leaving a very serious hole in New York City’s cultural landscape.

And I just think it’s lame that neither party saw the need for resolution here; or didn’t see it enough to compromise and avoid what could be a situation that leads NYCO into a self-immolation, Isolde style. Is that really what The Board wanted? Is that really what Mr. Mortier wanted?

I also find it disappointing that the City Opera couldn’t capitalize on The Met’s fairytale success and drum up enough support to turn the company into a rival house. It just sounds like both parties adopted a “my way or the highway” attitude, which simply amounts to two lonely people walking in two opposite directions. Oh, and the kids are left alone sitting on the side of the road; cold; shivering; and without a gay cowboy opera premiere in sight.


  1. […] anything save City Opera? Can we at least have a public television reality show about its demise if not? […]

  2. […] anything save City Opera? Can we at least have a public television reality show about its demise if not? […]

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