Note to Democrats: MAN UP

Before I begin, let me say that I am not registered as a member of any political party. I like my independence in many forms, and politics is not exempt.

Granted, the Democrats generally appeal to my tastes on many issues, even if their official platform tends to be a little watered down from my own concentrated, borderline libertarian ideals. But one thing that has been sooooooo annoying since Barrack Obama won the Presidential nomination for the Democratic Party, and further fueled by the Sarah Palin bombshell (in all its gloriously tragic manifestations), has been the “woe-are-we” attitude that registered Democrats all up in my inner circle are expressing every time I talk to one of them about the election. It’s like they think they’ve lost already, or at the very least, they’re convinced that Americans, by and large, are falling for the Palin small-town-girl-with-small-town-values act (because it’s a total act: she’s as cut-throat, duplicitous, and power-hungry as any NY businessperson, man or woman. Maybe we should sick Martha Stewart on her, and show her what real bitches are made of. That girl did time, and managed to redecorate the prison and teach the inmates how to crochet tea cozies!).

So it was with great relief that I came across Gail Collins’ op-ed in The Times, “Misery Love Democrats.”

It loses a little of its bite near the end, but for the most part, it’s a wonderful shot in the arm for these crestfallen Dems who are just totally crumbling under the Palin hype.

I think I’ll laminate the piece and carry it around with me. If I have to explain what “hope” is to one more Democrat, I just might have to switch my allegiance to a party that, even in the face of being the worst governing party in power that any living human American can recall or imagine, still believes they’re the hot shit and that they deserve to be running things.

Come on Dems: Man up, and win this thing.


  1. If the Democrats were capable of “manning up” they’d be Republicans :P

    Really, all sarcasm aside, the leadership of the Democrats haven’t had the intestinal fortitude to accomplish anything in decades. I think the neo-Liberal infiltration of the Democratic party has reached the point where they can no longer function.

    They seem to have a dislike for both power and responsibility. They seem to want to be the “opposition party,” always attacking but never actually willing to win and hold the reigns of power with all the responsibility it would carry.

  2. I admit to being one of those crestfallen Dems, but Collins’ op-ed certainly cheered me up…at least until I saw another ridiculous Palin headline. Thanks for posting this, CC.

  3. So weird, I actually didn’t know there was any real danger of the Dems losing. I just assumed everyone thinks Palin is as ridiculous as I and all my friends do. I don’t care how hard-assed or sweet she is; I care that she’s about 50 times less worldly than I am. I guess I should step outside of New York more often to get a taste of the lovely ‘real world’…

  4. […] In the immortal words of the Counter Critic, speaking to democrats recently on his blog: Man up, people! Perhaps the performance world doesn’t have as strong a tradition of creating legitimizing […]

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