Our cheatin’ heart

Hey, y’all! (a la Brit)

So, I know some of you think I ain’t been writin’ recently. But t’aint true! I just been writin’ somewheres else.

Check these dance reviews over at The Brooklyn Rail:

First, Neal Medlyn and Jack Ferver queer it up at The New Museum

Neal Medlyne, Will Rawls, Eric MontesWhether we’re post-gay, post-AIDS, post-Will & Grace, or blindly drifting in the marketing-driven scam of metrosexuality (which, by definition, is a male heterosexual mannerism), queer male identity is certainly due for an overhaul. Luckily, there appears to be a trend in queer performance to boldly, and with intelligence, break out of, or at least seriously bend, the tropes of camp and drag in an effort to present queerness in all its rich, contemporary complexity. In early April, on a shared bill at the new New Museum curiously titled Extreme Behavior, performing artists Neal Medlyn and Jack Ferver offered wildly different projects, each evoking various dimensions of queer identity–whether intentionally or not–and with results that exhibit a common reluctance to be placed. Read the rest…

Then, Laura Peterson gets tangled in some foam insulation… (Funny. I saw Peterson at the Medlyn/Ferver affair. Oh, the wangled teb we weave…)

Laura Peterson in ElectroluxElectrolux: The word may sound like some generic term for the latest tranny party doomed to a four-week lifespan before dying out in a fizzle of A.D.D. and urban ennui, but it’s actually the name of one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world. When dance artist Laura Peterson gave her latest creation the same name, she was probably counting on the obscurity of the Swedish company to leave the allure of the word in tact, but, in effect, it’s kind of like naming your dance “Pfizer,” or “McDonald’s.” This kind of genericism pervades Electrolux, although bursts of originality and sheer visceral action save the piece from falling into disrepair. Read the rest…

And don’t forget to check out the article (not by me) on Greenbelt, the future home of John Jasperse and Jonah Bokaer’s Center for Performance Research!

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