Critics Award of the Day (CAD): L. Ro., for calling shit out

balletsets.jpgOMG. How hot is this!?

C.C. BFF and NYT dance critic, Claudia La Rocco, just sent a giant spit-ball hurling toward the ballet universe. Basically, she’s like, WTF is with ballet and old crappy sets from the sixties? We totally agree.

Christopher Wheeldon tries to excuse the disconnect with this theory:

“It’s O.K. that [the visual elements are] not that great because what’s within [them] is just so beautiful,” said Mr. Wheeldon…

Listen, ladies–and by “ladies,” I of course mean “ballet gays”–context is everything. Even the purest diamond placed in the wrong setting will look like a tacky piece of costume jewelry. So, A.) get over the sixties, and B.) stop being afraid of new objects.

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