I’m ready for my close-up…

Mmmmm, beeeeeer

Mmmmm, beeeeeer

Sometimes you just can’t say no to free beer. Nor can you turn down a night of hanging out with L. Ro.–for realz, you guys–at the BAM Takeover. Check out her genius post on Art.Cult, which includes this recockulous picture of yours truly double-fisting Bud Light or something. I posted a comment, clarifying some of my less compromising positions on the evening.

The cost of the BAM takeover? $20.

The cost of incriminating photos of yourself spread around the internet? Priceless.

Bubbies 4 Obama

It’s really hard to add anything more to this…

To Do: Christian Rizzo and I-Fang Lin (TONIGHT)

If, like C.C., your head is exploding with all the political chatter bouncing around the TV news and the interweb, then hightail it tonight to Christian Rizzo and I-Fang Lin’s untitled dance piece at the Center for Performance Research (CPR), the joint venture between John Jasperse and Jonah Bokaer.

Girlz, I-Fang Lin’s cool demeanor, delicate precision, and ability to make it look like she has three or four separate bodies, WILL CLEANSE YOUR PALATE and leave you refreshed and ready to dive into the last five weeks of this intense presidential campaign.

There’s also a pretty sweet installation by Rizzo and Caty Olive, some video, and a modest photo exhibition of dancer portraits by Peggy Jarell Kaplan. All of this is in conjunction with FIAF’s Crossing The Line Festival.

It’s free, but make a reservation ahead of time.

You might even get to say high to Mr. Jasperse as he mans the front door.

TONIGHT IS THE LAST NIGHT (Saturday, Sept. 27)

L’Association Fragile / Christian Rizzo
With I-Fang Lin & Caty Olive
Co-presented by
CPR-Center for Performance Research @ Greenbelt
In Association With Crossing the Line: FIAF Festival 2008

361 Manhattan Avenue (@ Jackson)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Free Admission By Reservation Only:

“Can we have a debate about it, Miss?”

In honor of the impending Presidential and Vice Presidential debates, I’m posting one of my favorite all-time political sketch comedy performances, created by none other than the folks at Mad TV. SNL, eat your heart out…

The Soup After My Own Renewed Mind

You know there’s something special going on when your favorite pop culture moment of the week makes it onto E!’s awesome-est TV watchdog, The Soup:

Economic Perspective

Taxpayer dollars that go toward The National Endowment for The Arts:

Approx. $100,000,000 (one hundred million dollars), or about $0.25 (one quarter) per U.S. citizen per year.

Taxpayer dollars that are going toward bailing out banks that engaged in wreckless investment practices:

Approx. $1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion dollars), or about $2,500 per U.S. citizen in total.

That means that even if we increased the current budget of the NEA tenfold, it would still take one thousand years to equal this single financial bailout for these banks.

Kind of makes The Waterfalls look like the investment of the millenium.

“The renewed mind is the key to the Christ in me…”

Christian musicians, throughout the past two thousand years, have found innumerable ways to manifest their devotion to and worship of The Lord Jesus Christ as musical praise. Palestrina wrote his sublime motets. Bach his great Passions among an enormous wealth of sacred scores. Mozart wrote his exquisite masses. Beethoven penned the magnificent Missa Solemnis. Brahms and Verdi, their Requiems. Even Paul McCartney wrote an oratorio.

But after all is said and done, and the Apocalypse has swept over the earth, depositing all the good Christians in the clouds and sending all the rest of us to a flaming eternal damnation, the angels will most likely be humming this little ditty…(they’ll probably lose the choreography).

[Update: The video was removed from YouTube, but you can see it here. To be clear, I don't intend to mock these people's beliefs; merely their music taste...and poor choreographic sensibility.]

[2nd Update: You can also see some of it on this clip from The Soup!]

R.I.P.: The Culturist


So, I don’t know if y’all noticed, but yesterday, WNYC…rather unannounced…merged L. Ro.’s brilliant blog, The Culturist, and all their other arts blog, into one blog called ART.CULT.

In her maiden “ART.CULT” post, and subsequent comments (a couple people have expressed distress at the lame news) L. Ro. explains that her focus now will be on performance, although she will also mix in other things. THANK CHRIST! Because that’s what was brilliant about The Culturist. L. Ro. covered so much territory, and in a way that really reflects the culture experience of most people I know in NY. It all kind of stews together, and drawing the line between one’s “high” pursuits and “low” encounters is often difficult to do.

Well, at least L. Ro., if only as a culturist, will still be blogging. But there’s something about an individual blog that can’t be captured in a group blog. For anyone who wants to filter their WYNC experience just to feature L. Ro.’s pieces, you can still click on my “Culturist” link to the right, which will lead you to all of her posts.

Alas, poor Culturist. We knew her well…


n.1. A cultivator.

2. One who is an advocate of culture.

Let’s Get Political

Hey you guys,

So, C.C.’s having a really hard time not getting political right now. You may have seen this post, and these posts, recently.

Really wish we could get as excited about the upcoming fall line-up of NYC performance, but it’s so hard when the last performance we were dying to see was Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin on SNL.

We’re really starting to obsess here, and so, instead of resisting, we’re going to give in, for the duration of the presidential campaign, at least, and wax political to our heart’s discontent. After all, political campaigning is an art all its own; an art that can have real effects on real peoples’ lives, for better and for worse.

Part of our obsession has led us to walk into the fire of the right-wing bloggers. We’ve found some interesting stuff. It’s kind of like a negative parallel universe, that is, if you compare them to the liberal blogs that are equally resistant to balanced thought.

But the gem of the conservative ocean, so far though, has been this crazy-ass blog: godlovesusarahpalin. I encourage all of you to go to it now. It appears to be run by one Vicki, a self-proclaimed undecided voter, who sends daily prayers of encouragement and support…to Sarah Palin. But don’t be fooled. Beneath the god-loving and “Footprints in the sand” quoting (no joke), runs a strain of thoughtful questioning that even had me surprised. Vicki definitely seems like one of those Americans who would be a staunch conservative were it not for her general good will toward others. I’m pulling for her to see the light, but something tells me she’s nobody’s fool. It’ll be fascinating to see with which column of the ballot this voter, by election day, sides.

This one hit really hard, you guys. Seriously, David Foster Wallace was one of the few living literary figures that C.C. genuinely believed could save the world.

Here are two pieces in The Times:

David Foster Wallace, Influential Writer, Dies at 46

Exuberant Riffs on a Land Run Amok

One of my favorite pieces he ever wrote was this essay for the New York Times on watching Swiss tennis living-legend Roger Federer play live in the 2006 Wimbledon final versus now world No. 1 Raphael Nadal. He goes into the most mundane yet pivotal mineutia regarding how the tennis ball is hit, explains just why what athletes like Roger Federer do is so remarkable, and gives the game of tennis the rapt attention that a Trekkie would give to a Schatner sighting at a Star Trek convention, all at risk of marginalizing himself and alienating readers. I loved this man’s work. Rigorous (word of the year!) and hilarious, absurd because of its meticulous accounting of the real, idiosyncratic and breathtakingly long-winded. Marvelous.


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