Strike A Pose

It’s going to be a dance day.

Kondaurova VS Reichlen

(Left: Ekaterine Kondaurova of The Kirov, photo by Andrea Mohin/NYT; Right: Teresa Reichlen of the NYCB, photo by Paul Kolnik/NYT)

I thought it would be fun to show these images side by side. On the left is Ekaterina Kondaurova performing “Rubies” from Balanchine’s “Jewels” with the Kirov Ballet, that has just finished up its two-week engagement at city center.

To the right is Teresa Reichlen, who danced the same part with the NYC Ballet in January.

I didn’t see Kondaurova, but from the picture, I get a sense that her style is more classically flashy, while Reichlen is more flat, front-facing and elastic; in a word: more modern.

It’s hard to get Reichlen’s hips out of my head. She was seriously hard core, as we said in our review.


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  1. I enjoy NYCB but the Kirov really brought Balanchine to life for me. And these two pictures show why, I think, for me, the Kirov is just more to my liking (thanks for juxtaposing them!) The Kirov put more drama (by which I mean, meaning) into everything – they did everything with focus, with intention, with passion. It’s interesting you call NYCB more “modern”. To me it’s just more flat, but maybe I’m just a person who gravitates toward the flashy :)

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