Media Fare


Okay, okay. You got us, Tonya Plank! As some of you might have already guessed, C.C. is definitely built on the Gawker model of media vulturizing. Although, we like to think our standards lie somewhere nice and cozy in between high brow criticism and low brow gossip-mongering: the media taint, if you will.

And thanks also, T.P., for pointing us to that crazy New York Mag article by the Gawker skewered Vanessa Grigoriadis. She’s basically like, Gawker is run by an out of control hot rich gay drug user and all the writers are bored, tired and also drug users who all want to be print writers anyway.

Here’s Nick Denton’s counter argument, which we found by Googling him once Grigoriadis said he was hot. He’s basically like, Get over it. We’re the new media. And journalism has an illustrious tradition of ruining peoples’ lives.

Like we said, we try to keep it pretty clean around here, although we may have insinuated that Alex Ross and Anthony Tommasini are engaged in some sort of Broke Back Mountain reach around. Well, that’s really just some kind of nerdy fantasy of ours. But a little C.C. can dream, can’t she?

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